Below are the Seven functions of the Gateway energy.

  • 1st Function, is comprised of the Assessment only.
  • 2nd Function, is about identifying the Genome, and re-arranging genetic material.
  • 3rd Function, comprises of rescuing lost DNA from the Etheric strands, and re-integrating it.
  • 4th Function, revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional DNA.
  • 5th Function, is about re-invigorating the strands by injecting new codes into them. It installs new Star Technology, to instigate a New System entirely.
  • 6th Function, is about finalizing important structural changes to support the new template.
  • 7th Function, revolves around re-uniting all our stellar systems (our Galactic energy systems), and transforming them into ONE WHOLE Module).

It may of course require a number of attunements from an activator, in order to fully carry out these functions.

The Gateway Systems were first transmitted to Kira Diane Lester, who has been doing Quantum Energy work since 2010, to help shift Humanity to the faster frequencies of higher light consciousness. The Gateway systems and the Ketheric Healings are some of the technologies which she offers. [/h4]