Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that allows light interference patterns to be observed.

With a photo taken with the Biofield Viewer software it can be seen how our energy runs in the body. The chakras and meridians are now visible live!

Most clients use Biofield Viewer to monitor their energy field or to focus any chosen healing protocol. Further, this is an excellent tool to show the progress before and after any healing session.

Case study
This lady, Annette O’Donnell, came in with breast cancer and MS. She was interested to see how her energy field looked like.

10 months later Annette was cancer free and was no longer on any medication for her MS. She was interested to see how her energy had changed – the results were stunning.

When interpreting a Biofield Viewer photo we mainly look at colours and energy pooling. A healthy energy system has bright colours and fine lines running around the body.
Darker colours and pooling have a lower frequency and so does any imbalance in the body.

On the pictures below the left one is the before picture and the right one is the after picture. On the before picture there are two big orange areas on her breasts – the orange colour is no longer there!

Obs the colours do vary depending on which device you use. Viewing the pictures on a computer gives you the best solution.

To heal herself Annette has changed her diet and taken legal CBD oil. Annette recently became one of my clients as well.

To book a Biofield Viewer photo session please send me an email and I’ll get back to you asap.

Cost: £35 per half an hour session.

Are you running a healing workshop? Do you want your participants to see the effects of your course? Then the Biofield Viewer session package might be a good option for you. Cost £10 per person (min. 10 people).
Each participant will get a photo in the beginning of the workshop and at the end, so they can clearly see the improvements.