Hi, my name is Juliane and my biggest passion is light technology.

I was born in Denmark and as a kid my Mum introduced me to the work of Alice A. Bailey. Growing up she told me about the Soul, past lives, the Etheric body etc.
When I grew older a passion for theoretical physics started to develop and in 2010 I finished my Master in Quantum Field Theory.

I always feel this inner rush of energy whenever I think of the zero point and the human light matrix. Because of that I have always been drawn to energy medicine and its many different applications; for instance, bioresonance, frequency therapy, healing, light terapy, sound healing etc. These are all therapies which uses frequencies to heal the body. I’m a qualified practitioner in most of these modalities.

In 2018 I suddenly kept seeing or hearing the word ‘DNA’ everywhere. Even when watching TV with the kids a character would suddenly say ‘DNA’. Shortly after I found people who were working with upgrading the DNA. In December 2018 I found Kira Diane Lester, who was the first to transmit the Gateway systems and the Ketheric Healing.
I became a Gateway activator and a Ketheric Healer shortly after.
I strongly resonate with these systems and I absolutely love to transmit the energies. It is incredible what people can let go of when in contact with these energies. Since 2018 I have kept receiving upgrades and healings.

And don’t forget that all the Gateway activators are hosting a free event twice a month. For more information press here.

Light and blessings