The Zero Point Energy Field

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In Quantum Field Theory (QFT) everything is made up of quantum systems, which vibrate at different levels.The different energy levels can be calculated when using the developed equations within the QFT regime. However, when we calculate the energy at level zero, meaning the level where a quantum system has not yet manifested, the result is Not zero. This means that when we remove all the physical energy from a system and we are left with a vacuum, there is still a huge amount of energy left. Question is what is this Zero point energy field?

Seen from a physical perspective it is a field that is all around us. We are all manifested from this field as no field can exist without it. It has the same infinite potential everywhere and our building blocks (quantum particles) are constantly being manifested from this field. Also when particles annihilate (demanifest) they move back into the zero point field and thereby creating a constant flow of manifestation and demanifestation.

Working with this field can therefore give us access to an unlimited amount of energy, which can be used to heal, repair, renew and regenerate our cellular structures. In fact our cells are already constantly interacting with this field all we need to do is to align with it even more to help the process speed up.Because everything is made up of energy the only thing that can cause discomfort is misalignment, which prevents some of the energy from flowing into our cells. By either increasing the flow using the Scalar energy or by resetting the blockage by using the Bioregenesis energy many physical ailments can be dissolved.

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