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Today in the world of health care there are two different models of how the human biology works. One of them is based on the physical reality that everything in the Universe is made out of matter. This is the Newtonian view that conventional medicine works with. This view basically says that the body is a machine, it’s made out of chemicals, and genes and if there’s anything wrong with the machine, you can adjust the chemicals and the genes as primary source of the problem.

Another view is based on Quantum physics that says that the Universe is made out of energy, and everything that we see as matter is itself energy.

The significance of the difference between the two is, invisible forces play a primary role in the new understanding of biology. The new energy medicine. And energy becomes entangled, meaning everything that’s made out of energy becomes entangled – you can’t separate it.

The new physics is all about looking at the body as a dynamic system. And understanding that if you affect one part of the body, you affect the rest of it. So the new approach is to view the body as a holistic system and also as an energy system. So we don’t have to do things grossly to our physicality. We can treat ourselves through energy.

With Quantum physics came a new understanding of the relationship between matter and energy; energy involves invisible waves, which include thought, and what, actually physicists call “The Field”.

The Field is a whole collection of all the energy that makes up the universe.
Scientific pioneers are now exploring how our nonphysical energy field interacts with our health. They call our field “The Biofield”.

The biofield is a subtle organizing field within and around the human body or any other living thing for that matter. This field is very complex in that it consists of many types of fields. The one’s we already know of are called; electromagnetic fields, biophotons, or very low-level particles of light, infrared emsission, the brain waves and the heart waves.

Several decades ago, a German physicist called Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that there is light coming out of living things. That all living things send out a tiny current of light. He called it biophoton emissions. He found that this light is generated in DNA and acts as a kind of global signaling for the entire body. And also is a communication system with the outside world.

By photographing the biophotons it is seen that when somebody is ill and you apply medicine to one part of the body the light doesn’t just change there. It changes around the body. This is an extraordinary discovery, because it demonstrates that the real orchestrator of the body isn’t genes or genetic code. It is light.

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