The Shift in our Mindset

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We are now about three centuries into a mindset in medicine that was mainly predicted on the work of Descartes, Newton and Darwin. The idea that “our symptoms are meaningless – that our body is a machine” has been dominating for a long time now. (Newton was actually a very spiritual man, only the interpretations of his work aren’t.)

The medicine, being derived from Newtonian physics, looks at the body as a physical device and if there’s anything wrong with it, it is a consequence of a problem in the mechanics of the physical body.
In 1913, a new physics came in, Quantum physics. What was so special about this physics was that it stated that there is invisible energy everywhere, which we don’t encounter.
In fact it turns out our perception of what is physical is an illusion. There’s nothing physical at all. It’s all energy.

If you look inside any part of the physical body with a microscope, let’s say, your arm and you look inside your hand, you will find cells. If you look inside the cells, you get your DNA in the center of the cell. Inside the DNA, there are atoms and inside the atom there’s nothing!
Well, there’s protons, neutrons, electrons, but what is really amazing is that inside an atom there’s 99.9999999999999% empty space.

If a proton was the size of an apple the closest electron would be the size of a grain of salt. And it would be approximately 1.24 MILES away.
The particles themselves, they actually emerge out of what is called the Quantum Field (more about this in a later post). SO ultimately, you can think of particles as just waves of energy. Just literally vibrations of energy.

With the help from quantum physics we know that the body is NOT solid, but is made up of vibrating energy.
Based on this more and more people start to shift their mind from thinking that something is seemingly solid and permanent to perhaps, something can change and something can be healed.

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